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"Came he soaring upon wings of red,
Across a blackened sky.
He glared at us with eyes of dread,
’Twas then we know we would die.

When came a man of azure cloak,
With a voice like Thunder’s peel,
And when he spoke, our fear it broke
As he drew his mighty steel.

“I shall not fail” said the blue-mantled knight,
Then a few quiet prayers.
And roared he off with all his might,
The Last of the Dragon Slayers."

-Wilhelm the Chronicler, excerpt from “The Fall of Ser Giddeon”.

Whispers tell of a man clad in crimson with a face of gold, who walks upon the cinders of burned villages seeking ancient and forgotten things. They speak of an army of monsters, under the banner of a great, red claw, who mercilessly march across the land with grim purpose. They tell of the trembling earth, and something long slumbering, and long forgotten beginning to stir somewhere down in the deep, dark places.

A shadow falls across The Vale, and it threatens to loom large over this world before it is through. Heroes are needed to turn back the tides of darkness, to stand when others would flee. When lesser men would turn to ash in the wake of dragon fire, will these heroes endure, and become the next generation of Dragonslayers?

Dragonslayer is a Dungeons & Dragons 5E game set in the world of Arendar.



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