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Korrog, known by his people as “The Red Death”, is the leader of the Red Claw tribe of orcs, and is a rarity among his people. He posesses prodigious strength, the charisma of a natural-born leader, and a fierce intellect.

He rose to the role of chief in his own tribe with ease, and with cunning and brutality he began conquering other tribes across the Broken Stepp, absorbing them into his ranks. Before long, Korrog had a sizable army, but he was not content throwing away all his hard work in a suicidal effort against the Elven Imperium that kept the orcs at bay.

That was when The Man in the Gold Mask came to him with a gift, and an offer. The gift was the awakening of an ancient power that lay dormant in his blood, passed down from his forefathers. The offer was a land ripe for the conquering, that would fall beneath the boots of The Red Claw, and what Korrog had always desired; to be immortalized as a conqueror.

Korrog agreed to follow The Man in the Gold Mask, and in return, the mage cloaked their journey from the Broken Stepp, all the way to the quiet foothills of The Vale. Once there, Korrog’s orcs systematically raided various points of interest for his masked patron, killing any witnesses that could spread the tale.

Having proven himself a competent commander, The Man in the Gold Mask’s companion, a winged woman called Zhiradoma taught his smith’s the secret art of hellforging, and gifted him with one secret of the warchief’s choosing. The secret was the location of hidden entrance into a dwarven stronghold Korrog desired because of its strategic location. .

With the element of surprise, the orcs took the dwarven city of Karakzhar, and enslaved its survivors to toil away in the mines below the city. From the throne that once belonged Thane Tordrin Silvermane, Korrog ruled over the city, preparing his troops for their next move. The Man in the Gold Mask had his eyes set on a town called Keen.


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