The Vale

The Vale

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The Vale is a pristine land of rolling green hills and seemingly endless, ancient forests, boarded on all sides by snow-capped mountains. It is a remote place, far from the bustling metropolis’ of the five kingdoms. While settled, it still retains its wildness, with small communities sparsely dotted across untamed wilderness.

These are free lands, with no monarch to preside over them. Instead the affairs of The Vale are left to a small council made up of representatives from each town who meet once a year in a randomly chosen community to discuss matters of import.

Free lands however, also attract those wishing to escape the laws of other kingdoms, or disappear from a past better left forgotten. Indeed, The Vale is home to some degree of disreputable folk, but in the same regard it is also home to those who wish for a clean slate, and a second chance to prove to themselves they are more than the sum of their darker parts.

The people of The Vale are a hard-working lot, earning a living with the sweat of their brow, and their own two hands. They are often slow to anger but quick to defend their neighbor. After all, there are many dangers in the wild, and the only allies the communities can truly rely on are each other.

While remote, The Vale has a near-endless resource that covers much of the landscape; trees. Ancient groves and forests expand ever outward in every direction, and the barons that capitalize on the cutting and shipment of the valued lumber is the Logging Consortium. The guild masters of the Consortium are savvy business men, and ruthless enemies to those that cross them.

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The Vale

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