Session 10 - A City of Orcs

Triumphant in their first push to reclaim their home, the dwarves of Karakzhar and the three companions waste no time in arming and armoring themselves for the dangers ahead. A plan is quickly formed by the group. The dwarves will liberate their imprisoned comrades across the city, while Merle, Lamaia, and Era were to be dispatched to destroy a massive war horn that could alert the whole city to the dwarves’ attempts.

Before venturing off from the armory, a dwarf of black beard approached Merle, stating that he looked hauntingly familiar. When asked what clan he belonged to, Merle simply said that he did not know, as he was found on the doorstep of a monastery as an infant.
It was then that the dwarves realized that one of their most powerful weapons was missing; the “Battering Ram”. As they headed off to the outskirts of the city, they wished the three companions much success in their mission, but warned them to steer clear of the battering ram.

The trio set forth, resolved to complete their appointed task, but between them and the horn stood a city full of well equipped orcs. Choosing stealth as opposed to a straight forward offense, they skirted through back-alleys, avoiding main roads. They soon found themselves looking at a peculiar sight. Walking away down a road, was an orc, and following closely behind him, like a pet, was a large, metallic ram that seemed entirely forged from steel.

Lamaia, wanting to get a better look, ventured out, deftly maneuvering behind the great metal monstrosity with all the silence of a gentle spring breeze. With a mighty leap, she vaulted onto the back of the Ram. It did not seem to appreciate her company, as it quickly rared back, throwing the tiefling thief off. Lamaia barely had time to recover before she found herself staring face to face with the bizarre construct.

With their cover blown, the others saw no sense in hiding anymore. They emerged from the shadows. With new enemies to face, the Ram quickly went to work. It charged Merle, pining him to a wall. Lamaia, believing the orc was controlling the metal beast, quickly slew him, and began searching his body for some manner of mechanism. Era went to assist the thief while Merle wrestled with the Ram.

Lamaia discovered three items that could possibly be used to as a control; A plate etched with a rune, a stone statuette, and a ring. While they attempted to discern which item was the mechanism, Merle’s battle with the Ram was turning against him quickly. The dwarf monk soon found himself gored through a shop wall.

Era finally discovered that it was the ring that called to the creature. Slipping it on her finger, she willed the beast to stop attacking. In an instant, it sat in the ruined shop, motionless. The three stood around the contraption, fully understanding why the dwarves had dubbed it the “Battering Ram”. Their relief was short, as the sounds of barking alerted them to the arrival of dire wolf riders. Merle, though wounded, leaped into action to defend his friends. Era, on the other hand, willed the Ram to attack the orcish riders. The construct came to life, and rammed one wolf into the wall of a building across the street, pinning the rider beneath it. An instant later, a green smoke poured from the rams nostrils, turning the attackers into stone. Its task complete, the Ram’s glowing eyes dimmed and it suddenly became inert, Era’s connection with it faded.

Battered, the three left the Ram in the street and found a nearby building that was not occupied. There they rested and regrouped. Era played a song on her flute that seemed to revitalize her companions, and after a time, they ventured back out into the city.

The notes of Era’s song, however, had fallen on other ears. As soon as they emerged from the building, they found themselves face to face with a one-eyed orc and his underlings. They attacked at once, and with surprising power. Era was grievously injured in one strike, while the others found their opposition to be daunting. After a hard-fought battle, they were able to slay the Eye of Gruumsh and his minions.

Era was taken back to the abandoned building, where it was known to be safe. After some time, she awoke, stabilized, her wound bound. With time working against them, they set off toward the horn.

They tread lightly, and did their best not to draw any attention, but one clanking mug undid their efforts, and brought a large group of orcs running toward them. The companions fled, ducking into alleys, and taking to rooftops. They eventually lost their pursuers, and found themselves at their destination. Exhausted, they collapsed next to the horn. Their objective would soon be complete. Little did they know, they were not alone.



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